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Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
Welcome to my Page! I post a lot of stuff here, from hand and digital drawings to still life photography. This is where I am the most active in the internet outside of YouTube.
Born February 4,1998


4 days till it's here, the new mini series.
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Int. Limo- rainy night-moving
A limo is driving in a downtown strip. Bars and strip clubs illuminated by their neon signs. It's raining hard today, and the two men in the luxurious back seats enjoy their beverages.

(drinking champagne out from the bottle)
So you bust me out of prison for a special job. Someone must have really pissed you off, so who is it?

I want you to kill the hitmen Michael The Archangel, and his fuck boy of a partner Alex Strangelove.
(Drinks a sip of champagne from a glass)

Those two? Well my answer is definitely yes. They're the reason why I got thrown in prison.

I know. But that is not the reason why I busted you out. You were there when Michael killed the russian's leader, Evgeni.

Yeah I was, what about it?
(Chugs more champagne)

My sister was there, but she never made it out during the explosion. I want to know, did you see her after the bombing?

(hesitant to answer, and sighs)
Yeah, I did. She didn't make it.
Alex slit her throat before she could get away with some suitcase she was lugging  around. Looked important too.

The limo takes a sharp turn and rain water splashes onto the sidewalk. The back seat window is splashed and thunder cracks. Light flashes across Windler's face.

Are you sure? 

(Akiva nods)

(pulling out his phone)
Thank you Akiva.

Hey can we stop somewhere real quick, I got the munchies.

Where to?

That small drug store there will do.

Ext. rainy night-beside a small drug store

The limo stops at a small store next to an abandoned construction site. Some gang members are smoking beside it. Akiva walks out of the Limo and strolls casually towards the gang.

Gang member#1
(pulls out a gun)
Back the fuck up pot head or I'll waste you---!

Akiva grabs the gun and shoots the gang member in the legs. The other two take out knives and try to kill Akiva. But Akiva is too skilled to be taken down by common thugs. He pulls out a shiv he kept from the prison and stabs one of the oncoming gang members in the throat. The third gang member swings his knife at Akiva, but misses every swing. Akiva grabs the last gang member and shoulder throws him to the soaked concrete. The thunder booms again and the lightning flash shows Akiva's manic face for a split second. Akiva begins to eat on the downed victim's face. The screams of pain echo and the injured gang member with his legs shot out watches in horror. He starts to try crawling away. But just the screams stop, Akiva stabs his shiv in his leg and drags him closer.

(Pulling gang member#1 closer to him)
Where do you think your going? You are my dinner for tonight and I like my meat roasted.

Int. Limo-rainy night-moving

Akiva knocks on the backseat window. Windler opens the limo door for the blood soaked cannibal. As Akiva enters, the limo drives and the two men continue their conversation.

Jesus! When they said you eat people I thought that was a load of bull.

(sits down and places his collected limbs on the empty seat next to him)
Yeah, I got pretty hungary. Sorry for the mess.

Never mind that, we're almost there. 

(eating a finger)
Where are we going exactly?

To your base of operations.

Int. Tower-level twelve-moving 

The limo stops in front of a tower with a two men in black waiting outside with parasols. Windler and Akiva walk into the tower and head to an elevator. The elevator goes down to the lower levels to floor 12. The sliding doors open and the two men walk down a small flight of stairs. They walk to a metal plated door, and Windler opens it by unlocking several automated locks. The doors open and they step into a giant room resembling a hangar for airplanes and fighter jets.

This is your base of operations. You'll be working with the best hitmen I have hired to kill those two fagots. They have everything from guns to assault vehicles.

(Looking around)
All this to kill two of the most feared hitmen in the underworld. Even I would call this overkill.

Oh no, not just for Michael and Alex, but for anyone in my city who think they can try to fuck with me. I got enough here to take over a state or two, and a lot more coming in.

(eats more fingers)
So, when do I start monopoly guy? 




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